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    If you made it until here, you might want to know what's behind "do you.", how I ended up building this brand and why it's interesting for you.

    Now you are here, let me tell you a story.

    Who am I?

    My name is Thomas Despin, I'm a 26 years old entrepreneur currently based in Bali, Indonesia. 

    3 years ago, I left everything behind in France (business, family & friends, all my stuff, etc.) to travel the world on a bicycle, experiencing the road, sleeping in a tent.

    This journey let me through 18 countries, all around Europe and USA.

    During this 14 months and 12,000km journey, I faced the hardest challenges I have ever overcome in my life, and the highest moments of bliss.

    My goal was to meet successful entrepreneurs to learn from them and share their story.

    In May 2016, I decided to fly to Bali, to spend a month there and work as a freelance to make some money before I could keep traveling.

    What happened couldn't be further from this plan.

    After a few weeks, my bank account got hacked (they call it "skimming"), and I had to learn my lessons the hard way.

    I ended up totally broke, $3,000 in debt, in a country where I barely knew anyone, and I even had to be hosted for free by a Balinese family who accepted to help me.

    I fell in love with the island, the nature, the people, and I found in this situation the strength and the ressources to get back on track.

    From scratch.

    From freelancing, to getting a job, to launching my first ever eCommerce business, I threw away my ego and my limiting thoughts, and took action day in, day out.

    I kicked my own ass off to work during the day and learn new skills during the night.

    And during the whole time, I would still not quit on my passions, documenting the journey by taking pictures, making videos & sharing stories.

    After 18 months living in Bali, I launched several eCommerces, organized an Ecom Villa, wrote hundreds of articles (still publishing one article a day currently), and reached a milestone of $750,000 in sales with my most successful online store.

    do you.

    Going from -4 figures to plus +6 figures was an incredibly hard and passionate journey.

    However, I knew all of this was just the beginning of something way bigger.

    Making money has never been an end, but a mean.

    That's why I decided to use all of the knowledge and the business wisdom I acquired during the whole time to close my previous projects and focus on something more meaningful.

    I wanted to create something that would not just make me money, but that would also empower people and help them grow at the same time.

    In the end of October 2017, I created "do you.", on a mission to get people self motivated and inspire others.

    All of this starts with a t-shirt brand, made of minimalistic and powerful designs.

    I designed the logo and the messages in order to align with what I wanted for myself first.
    Today, they are the only t-shirts I am wearing.

    But this clothing line is just the emerged part of something bigger I am building step by step.

    do you. is not about me, it's about each and everyone, it's about you.

    It's about how we can connect as human beings to share values and help each other growing.

    I am still working hard on the next steps of the project, and I am doing my best to document everything step by step on the blog.

    Please, follow it to see what's happening and how it might be valuable for you!

    This was my story.

    Now, tell me: what's yours?

    I love you guys,
    Thanks for stopping by,

    do you.