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Episode #1 - Meet Kai Lovel, the 14-Year-Old Socially Conscious Entrepreneur from Millenial Studios

by Demelza Dacanay June 10, 2018

Episode #1 - Meet Kai Lovel, the 14-Year-Old Socially Conscious Entrepreneur from Millenial Studios

Episode #1 - Meet Kai Lovel, the 14-Year-Old Socially Conscious Entrepreneur From Millenial Studios

Hi everyone, and welcome to the first episode of The Hustlers Anthology!

The goal of this blogpost series is to bring you inspiring stories, from people like you and I, who decided to take action to become who they really are.

Some of those hustlers already "made it", and some of them are "making it"
Here, we focus on the journey and the lessons learned on the way.

All of those stories will often give you real practical value, and always a good dose of inspiration to take action.

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By the way, Kai Lovel recently released his latest podcast episode. It's about workplace discrimination, and it's definitely worth listening - Check it out here.

Hi! My name is Kai, and I am a teenage entrepreneur, a broadcaster and a writer. I'm a high school student, living in Perth, Australia.

I've been hustling from a young age, playing the e-commerce and media "games" in different capacities, since 11.

I live for ideas, creativity and change, and whatever direction they take me, I know I'm doing my part.

Please share a few details about your main project

Millennial Studios is a socially conscious media company that makes thought-provoking content and teaches you how to do it too. We are powered by young people, and are based in Perth, Australia.

For more on what we do, our projects and other goodness, here is our website.

What are the main things that have inspired you to do what you are doing today?

I have always had a strong social conscience.

And combining that with an innate passion for anything creative, I found myself exploring both in such a way that gave me a platform for both.

I think I have definitely found my place, and as for how I got here - I followed what made me tick.

Simple as that. 

"Truly amazing content creators are whole-brain professionals. They’re intensely creative, but also remarkably analytical." — Kai Lovel.

What are the biggest obstacles you have faced until now? 
What were the main failures you had to overcome?

While being 14 and business oriented can offer some rewards, like SaaS companies going easy on subscriptions, for example, I have struggled to:

1) Be recognised as a valid source/voice
2) Be able to do the things I want to do

Even simple things like driving to interviews, registering for PayPal and even accessing certain communities is restricted because of ethical/legal reasons.

And while I can naturally appreciate the reasons behind this, it has made a dent in my productivity and my ability to come back to those roots of creativity, ideas and change.

I mean, even going to school every day and learning about menial topics seemingly can be a waste of time, sometimes. 

These obstacles aren't going to go away anytime soon (still 14!), but I've taken this setback as an opportunity for self-development and learning, that I wouldn't be able to receive from anywhere else or anyone else.

Could you share one (personal) thing about you that almost no one else know?

I have a golden retriever/poodle (groodle) that I love very dearly. Her name is Shanti.

What are the single best and the single worst advice that you have heard in your industry? Why are they good/bad advice?

The best piece of advice I have probably heard is to be a hybrid. Truly amazing content creators are whole-brain professionals. They’re intensely creative, but also remarkably analytical.

These individuals create moving, inspirational content in response to metrics and changes in industry trends.

It’s not easy to adopt a whole-brain work style, but it’s going to serve you well in life and your career, even if you don’t stick with content marketing forever.

The worst bit of advice is to be comfortable with what you are doing. I mean, don't start a shovel business if you have been working as a social worker for years. Well, do it if you want. But, to me, comfort is the enemy of improvement.

And like personal growth makes us a better person, professional growth makes a more successful business. It makes more impactful, more reliable and more consistent content. And it will revolutionize your work ethic.

So when someone says that you shouldn't be stepping out of your comfort zone, playing risks, don't do it. Be uncomfortable. 

"But, if I can share anything with anyone, it is that I have grown so much, and been so much happier, by having a purpose." — Kai Lovel.

What do you believe your mission is for the next months/years? What is your next step to get there?

All along, Millennial Studios has been this platform for all these different projects based on ideas, creativity and change, and something that I want to expand are, well, those projects.

We have a growing team, heaps of concepts to explore, capital to work with, we just gotta, we just gotta do it.

Easier said than done, especially for full-time students, but I want to diversify, explore new sectors, enrich my understanding, inspire others, fill up the library, I want to make. And that's what I am setting myself and my team up to do.

If you could share a message with the world to positively impact people what would it be?

I am a young person. I know a lot of other young people. And I see so much potential. So much drive, so much passion and yet, for whatever reason, and a reason I have probably grappled with at some point too, they aren't pursuing it.

At least, not in the way they want to or are able to. Distractions, especially for teenagers, are everywhere, and even for me, dilute your priorities. School is stressful, trying to fit in is always on your mind, and on top of that, you are trying to be healthy, happy and not exploding inside every five minutes.

But, if I can share anything with anyone, it is that I have grown so much, and been so much happier, by having a purpose. And being able to put my passions and aspirations into practice.

So, if you have a passion, an interest, a curiosity, and a brain. Then you can bring yourself great joy, you can set yourself up for your future, and you can have the opportunity to influence others.

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Demelza Dacanay
Demelza Dacanay

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