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Episode #2 - Florian Tep, The Dancing E-commerce Hustler From France

by Demelza Dacanay June 18, 2018

Episode #2 - Florian Tep, The Dancing E-commerce Hustler From France

Episode #2 - Florian Tep, The Dancing E-commerce Hustler From France

Hello everyone! We are now on our second episode of The Hustler's Anthology!

The goal of this blogpost series is to bring you inspiring stories, from people like you and I, who decided to take action to become who they really are.

Some of those hustlers already "made it", and some of them are "making it"
Here, we focus on the journey and the lessons learned on the way.

All of those stories will often give you real practical value, and always a good dose of inspiration to take action.

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Hi, my name is Florian. I'm French and currently live in Bali where I work on my ecommerce/dropshipping business with a view on the pool! I'm also passionated about dancing and teach kizomba internationally. Kizomba is an African partner dance from Angola that looks a lot like tango from the outside and that is currently growing exponentially all over the world.


What are the main things that have inspired you to do what you are doing today?

Fist, I read the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki that inspired me about entrepreneurship and financial freedom.

A few months later, I was working in an office in Paris and I realized that I was not made for a life like this.

"I was determined to leave the "rat race" and I started working on Online business. It was a big struggle at the beginning but now that I managed to make it work, it was all worth it!" - Florian Tep


What are the biggest obstacles you faced until now? What were the main failures you had to overcome?

The biggest obstacles I faced: the skepticism of my family that didn't understand my choice. For them, the path to success was: work hard during your studies, get a good job in a big company and make your family proud.

It took me almost 2 years to finally make it work and once I showed them that I was making a lot of money, they understood my choice and now they fully support me.


Could you share one (personal) thing about you that almost no one else knows?

I tried to launch a brand of apparel for kizomba dancers called Unikiz Apparel. It was a complete failure since I was a complete noobie in e-commerce. I still have the samples of the t-shirt and wear them at parties sometimes.


What are the single best and the single worst advices that you heard in your industry? Why are they good/bad advices?

Worst advice: start with a niche store in dropshipping.

Why is it bad? Because when you're starting you're a complete newbie and don't know yet how to search properly products, how to brand your website, how to do Facebook ads and so on. It's better to start with a General Store, test a lot of different niches and products and once you have a winning niche, then you can consider switching to a niche store and brand it.

Best advice: Stop testing saturated products! A quick search on Facebook and you can see if the product is all over the place or not.


What do you believe your mission is for the next months/years? What is your next step to get there?

I want to inspire people and show them that it's possible to leave the rat race if you believe in yourself and put the hustle to make it. It's not easy, most people quit and go back to find a job but once you make it's totally worth it.


If you could share a message with the world to positively impact people what would it be?

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" if you want change in your life and make shit happens, you have to get used to getting out of your comfort zone on a regular basis, there is no other way you can grow

I wrote a full article about it on Medium: 10 Things I've Learned Making $6k per Day 


So you see, sometimes friends and family could get in the way. Sometimes, the people closest to us won't understand our journey.

But IT IS ALL UP TO YOU. It's either you will listen to them and stay where you are, or you choose your own path and make things happen for you. 

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Demelza Dacanay
Demelza Dacanay

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