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Yesterday, you said tomorrow

by Thomas Despin September 15, 2018

Yesterday, you said tomorrow

Hi, be honest with me.

When is the last time that you said: “I will do it tomorrow”?


Have you done it yet?
“No, I’ll do it tomorrow.”

What does that even mean?

Tomorrow might never exist.

The only tomorrow I have ever lived in my life, is called today. Because each today is a yesterday’s tomorrow.

Right here, and right now, 
are the two only things that will ever be.

Yesterday is dead. 
It’s only good to learn from it.

Tomorrow is for hope and rewards. 
It may never exist.

When it comes to ACTION, TODAY is all that you have.

Today might be hard. But what you make out of it, defines what tomorrow may look like.

Don’t just wait for it.
Create it. Own it.

It’s yours.

Remember: Yesterday, you also said tomorrow.

So now, you know.
There’s just so many tomorrows.

And the only tomorrow that matters is called TODAY.

So just get out of here,
and do something about it.

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Thomas Despin
Thomas Despin

Founder of doyou.co & hustlersvilla.com

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