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Why You Should Sometimes Take Life As a Game?

by Thomas Despin September 29, 2018

Why You Should Sometimes Take Life As a Game?

Going to school, growing up, responsibilities, finding a job, working, living a good life, family, paying taxes, death, being a citizen, respecting laws…

I used to project myself into what adults told me was the «real world», and I found it extremely boring and unappealing.

«It’s life, you can’t do whatever you want whenever you want it. You’ll have to accept it and deal with it.»

Seriously, who wants to stay longer on Earth when you get taught that the second best thing you will live after your childhood will be the 5–10 last years of your life?

Just before you die, once you can afford to retire.

So, well, I didn’t stay on Earth.

I spent a large part of my childhood creating my own Worlds, creating characters, and stories between them.

I was like the God of my own worlds.

And I loved to be a fair one.

I made my worlds way more fun than the one the adults I was surrounded by seemed to live in.

They didn’t seem that happy,
and projected it on me.

Later, when my parents divorced, I dived into the world of internet.

I discovered RPG forums.
This was a revolution for me.

There, anyone can create his own characters, it’s story, it’s skills, and interact with others, through messages and images shared on different topics / fictions.

This is what allowed me to escape forward from the «real» World.

I was 13 years old, and suddenly I was interacting with people who were more than 20, and who had no idea about who I was and how old I was in the «real» life.

Loved it!

What mattered was the story you created for our own characters, and how they interacted with each other.

My character was slightly like me, but as you can imagine, he was older, stronger, smarter, friendlier and happier.

For a couple of years, while my parents were divorcing, the most important thing that mattered to me was to go back from school and go right in front of my computer to finally connect to my own reality.

The atmosphere at home was unbreathable. I found my oxygen in random people online pretending to be the fictional character they crafter for themselves.

I don’t remember why it stopped one day, but I remember that I was attached to my character.

And I still remember my character was in love with Sari, who told me she was a 26 years old Canadian girl in the real life.

We talked a lot about life, goals, meaning, reality, etc. I think I lied to her about my real age and said I was 18.

What’s really interesting though, is that those interactions, and being stimulated to express myself at an higher intellectual level than in school or with my friends,

actually changed the «real» me in the «real» World.

I became more mature, open-minded, critical, and smarter in general.

What they call the virtual world had an impact on the development of my «real» self.

But it was just a game.


Projecting myself in a virtual world, and doing «as if», changed the person I was in the initial World.

Because those interactions, even though virtual, rewired my brain.

If I did this as a kid, and then as a teenager, why not doing it as an adult?

You don’t have to escape to a virtual reality though (every reality is probably «virtual» in a way… but I’d need another article for this one).

You can project yourself into a different reality in the same World, and picture how would your ideal life look like.

Make it fun, take it as a game.

Taking things too seriously is killing creativity, and make you forget that in today’s World, you have a chance to design the life you want to live.

I designed my life around what I felt was good for me, based on what I have been given to live so far.

I am born in France, yet now live on the island of Bali, where I have set up my company and full residency.

I grew up extremely shy and in total reject of other people, yet when I was 20ish I organized 200+ students party as a side business.

I never learned anything in school or from my family about business, yet now my entire life is about creating projects, from managing my clothing brand doyou.co to growing the Hustlers Villa and soon building an eco-retreat on a virgin island.

I could keep going on, however I am sure you already got it.

When you allow yourself to day dream and take life as a game, you start to open doors that you would never have seen before.

You expand the field of what’s possible.

Taking life as a game allows you to add more positive «what if»:

  • What if I start this business today?
  • What if I say fuck to everything and go cycle the World on my own?
  • What if I just buy an island?

You probably want to tell me that, all of this is nice and sounds great, but life isn’t a game anyway, and not everything is actually possible just because you day dream about it.

Maybe. I mean, yeah, maybe you will try something crazy, and fail.

But maybe not.

So you either live the life of someone who never tried because it may fail.

Or you live the life of the one who actually give it a shot, because why not and it seems fun, and who gets at least one chance to nail it.

Take life as a game, and be creative with what you do out of it.

Have fun on your way there,

There’s no way to win anyway,
We all die in the end.

Thomas Despin
Thomas Despin

Founder of doyou.co & hustlersvilla.com

You do you, we do us.