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What Really Happens to Yourself When You Have a Side Hustle

by Dyan Hernandez July 04, 2018


What Really Happens to Yourself When You Have a Side Hustle

Most people you know who have a side hustle would tell you they’re doing it to make extra money. But there’s more to it than just earning additional cash. The more valuable benefits are the ones they’re not talking to you about.

What are those benefits? I’ll tell you more about them later.

If you would take on a side gig apart from your full-time job, what would that be? It would most likely be a hobby or an interest close to your heart. Something that makes fills you with joy and doesn’t feel like work.

Photography. Woodcrafts. Digital art. Copywriting. Makeup tutorials. The list varies per individual.

When you indulge yourself in a side hustle, you make your wallet happy with the extra cash you’re putting in. More importantly, YOU, your whole being sits into a happy disposition.

Sound good and thrilling, right? But do you truly become a better, happier person?

These are what happens to you when you take on a side hustle (a.k.a. the personal benefits).

1. You become more creative

Spending eight or more hours in your office desk could make you feel you’re boxed. It’s the same environment and the same experiences every single day unless you’re required to do field work more often.

Your side gig sparks your creativity because it’s a different experience, if not a new one. That’s why side hustles are popular among millennials. It gives them excitement and the freedom to think and decide on their own.

You would know this best if your side hustle is an online shop for your own handcrafted products. You need to come up with promos that appeal to your target customers. On annual occasions like Christmas or Mother’s Day, you’ve got to think of ways to make your product relevant.

These instances let you squeeze out all the creative ideas you could think of. The best part is, you get to extend this creativity to your office work whenever the situation calls for it.

2. You become smarter with money

The average amount millennials earn from their side hustle is almost $580. That’s 50 percent more than the average monthly income in Indonesia.

If you earn a decent amount from all your side hustles, it’s easy to be carefree in spending your money. You have your monthly paycheck from your 9 to 5 that pays the expenses so the extra income can go to anything synonymous with having fun. Or maybe not at all times.

There are people who take their side hustle seriously because it’s an aid to achieving a long-term goal. Travelling the world is a common goal. Saving for some life-changing adulting matters like moving into your own place or getting married is huge but isn’t surprising at all.

Adding to that, 15 percent of Americans who participated in this survey said they take on side hustles so they can start their own business.

3. You become more open

When you hustle, you meet a lot of people, possibly from anywhere in the world especially if you’re freelancing online. You find people who share similar interests with you. The connections you make from your side gig makes you more open to new ideas, new experiences, new opportunities.

Learning from these people and by experiencing new things make side hustling even more valuable. That’s one of the reasons many consider this endeavour rewarding.

4. You become more confident

Because it’s on your own business to take care of, confidence is crucial. So when an untoward incident happens, you take the bull by the horns and come out even stronger. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, you’ll fight for it to survive.

There are many instances where confidence is key. Like when you negotiate for lower bulk price of materials or when you pitch your storyboard to a client. If you’re doing this more often, you will no longer be as meek as a lamb like you were before.

5. You will be more appreciative

If you own an online store, you might be nodding in agreement right now. You appreciate every customer who buys from your store even if it’s a single item transaction. Every 5-star rating your products receive puts you in a celebratory mood. Whatever people do that could help your side hustle grow, makes you appreciative.

Stuff to watch out for when you hustle

Those are the truths everyone would love to hear. Side hustles could be as lucrative and as rewarding as you could imagine. But there are caveats you should take note of.

Along with the good benefits of doing a side hustle are a couple of disadvantages or sacrifices. One the most common downside is having lesser time for family or even for me time. When your office work is done, you spend some time on your side gig, which in most cases could last longer than expected.

Also, the more time your gig consumes, the more energy you lose. Take extra care of your health. When it’s time to rest, stop everything and give yourself a break.

If your day job is important to you, don’t compromise it. Give your best when you’re in the office. Work smart and continue being a team player. Remember these three things you shouldn’t lose when you have a full-time work and a side hustle: motivation, energy, sleep.  

When your side hustle becomes successful that it’s slowly turning into a business, it would need more time and effort. You might have to double the hard work you exert on it if you see its full potential.

Having a full-time job and a side hustle is never easy. Work-life balance is precious. In this time when work and other money-making opportunities are easily within our reach, remember that the most valuable investment to make is in yourself.

[Featured Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash]

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Dyan Hernandez

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