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What Is Your Life’s Most Important ‘Why’

by Dyan Hernandez July 04, 2018


What Is Your Life’s Most Important ‘Why’

What makes you thrilled to wake up each day? I’m not talking about the cars on the street blowing their horn or the bright rays of the sun peeking through your curtain that makes you squint.

What’s the reason you get out of bed so early when you can still sleep in? You’re so pumped up your energy could wake up your whole neighbourhood.

If you’re obsessed with tweeting quotes multiple times a day, you probably have tweeted this: “Fall asleep with a dream. Wake up with a purpose.”

That purpose wakes you up with eagerness every day. That purpose stirs all of your senses; sync your mind and body and warms your heart.

You realise and fulfil your purpose in your own terms. Nobody will dictate how and when you do it.

You have a purpose behind all your “why”. You jump out of bed oozing with enthusiasm for life because of that purpose. You have your reasons you do this and not that.

We have many why’s in life. I could give five in this post. And as you read on, I hope you figure out your most important “why”.

Why you hustle

You want to learn more about the world and your own self that’s why you hustle. You pick your side hustle because you like to know what else you can be good at. It’s a plus if it makes you an extra income and if you’re having so much fun.

Many are embracing their side hustle because something draws them closer to it. Passion. That intense yet unexplainable feeling you get out of doing something; it’s rewarding.

You hustle because you need to earn additional cash. Let’s be honest because it’s a fact for many of us. But you also do it because by welcoming opportunities that come your way, you get to discover what you like and what you don’t. What you can tolerate and what you can live without.

When you hustle, you figure out what more you want from life. Or what you can do to make the most of what you have so you can give life the salute it deserves.

Why you help others

Can one person really change the world? It’s ambitious, right? But it’s possible in so many ways.

I’ve been here in Bali since May 2016. But a few weeks after I’ve settled in, my bank account got hacked. I survived the next couple of weeks because of a family who welcomed me in and offered to help me out.

If not for them, the worst days could have been far from over. Their kindness stayed with me and made my life here in Bali one for the books.

If you want to change the world, be selfless. Help others. There is a long list of things you can do to make a difference in somebody else’s life.

There’s this Kevin Spacey film from 18 years ago called “Pay It Forward”. Spacey played the role of a social studies teacher who tasked his class to think of an idea to change the world for the better. One of his students, Trevor (played by Haley Joel Osment), thought of the concept of paying forward the kindness that was done to you. It eventually turned into a massive circle of human kindness that spread out across the country.

Did you know there is an International Pay It Forward Day in real life? It’s observed on the last Thursday of April where people from different parts of the globe do random acts of kindness.

You don’t have to have plenty of money to help others. You could be rich in experience or in knowledge. Share it with as many people as you can.

Imagine how a simple act of kindness and generosity can leave a mark in someone’s life. If the reason why you’re helping others is to contribute to building a better world, please, do not stop. Because you can. We all can.

Why you stay positive

There are days when things just suck. You have a plan but nothing goes the way it should be. There are many reasons to feel down and surrender, but you keep on fighting.

You hold on to every inch of positivity in your life because you know that if you succumb to the surrounding negativities, that’s a dead end.

Your positivity fuels your goals. You are put in difficult situations at times because you can survive. This belief gives you that extra push.

On tough days, giving up is an option, but it’s never the only option.

This happened to me many times while we started to grow our first eCommerce business with my former partner Nick. I’d be the one who felt like we could just give up and focus on a different business because I knew I had various skills.

He was the one who was determined and pushed us to keep doing this because we only had one focus in mind.

Eleven months later, we hit $750,000 in sales, and if we take it from this angle, it’s only because he made us keep positive during the tough days.

Why you take risks

Have you ever been at that point when you want something so bad but your mind is clashing with your heart?

You weigh in your options but you’re still stuck.

If you think of it a little harder, your mind and heart won’t be debating if one of your options lack the potential.

So you go for what your heart tells you. You take the risk. You’re happy with it.

Why are you not afraid of taking risks? It could be because you’ve always been bold in your decisions and you go after the one that makes your heart do cartwheels for. Or maybe you’re a reasonable risk-taker who take calculated risks.

Or maybe it’s not because you’re not afraid of taking risks. Probably it’s because you know your skills too well. You trust in your abilities, factoring in your beaming positivity.

Why you’re still you

In our lifetime, we face life-changing decisions that make us wiser and stronger. People could tell you how much you’ve changed since the day they’ve met you. But only you and maybe a few of your closest family members and friends could tell that you’re still you.

You are only better. But who you were before is still there inside you.

Your dreams when you were little could take the backseat as you grow older. But there will always be that one dream that remains important to you.

That dream will remind you of the past and could be the reason for all your successes today.

You might have conquered the world but you still go back to your roots. You’re still you even if you’re driving your dream car now or you’re rubbing elbows with influential people.

You could live a very different life today but that didn’t require you to be someone you’re not. And nobody else created the life you're living now. It's all you. You are the mastermind behind it.

[Featured Photo by Anubhav Saxena on Unsplash]

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Dyan Hernandez

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