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The Ultimate Dumbest Way to Miss a Flight 101

by Thomas Despin October 08, 2018

I remember playing this scenario in my mind, each time I took a flight in my life:

“Imagine you arrive 2h early, pass all the check-in and security, and still miss your flight while because you drink a coffee and just forget to get in. That would be the ultimate dumbest way ever to miss a flight… Haha!”

Ha, ha.. Now it just happened to us while we were too caught up in our conversation about real estate marketing, I can tell you.

We were far from imagining that a few moments later we’d be running like crazy to the gate begging them to let us in.

It was way funnier when it happened to other people in my mind.

“It’s alright, we are way on schedule, Lion Air always has at least 1h delay.”

It was probably their first flight that was on time. Ever.

And because Karma is not always a thing, the fact I waited for their delayed flights dozens of time for the past years meant nothing to them when we were only 5min late.

But well, we got the whole trip rescheduled to arrive right on time in Ampana (where will be based to proceed to the island purchase).

When shit happens, you can dwell, or solve things and move on.
No time to complain.

Good thing is, now we actually have a ton of time to drink our coffee.

Please raise your hand if you ever missed a flight after you already checked-in, my ego needs some mental support.

Thomas Despin
Thomas Despin

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