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The One Thing Which Keeps Me Going Even When Everything Annoys The F*ck Out of Me

by Thomas Despin September 29, 2018

The One Thing Which Keeps Me Going Even When Everything Annoys The F*ck Out of Me

Let me go straight to it: I’m going to die.

Well, I’m not going to die tomorrow, 

However, if I am of those who die from a natural death like 90% of the people, I’ll probably get out of here in something like 50 years (I’m 27 now).

It’s not THAT long.

It’s like if I was born with 3 pieces of cake to eat before getting kicked out of the World, and I already ate an entire piece.

Some days, I feel like I still have 2 whole big pieces to eat,
and most of the days, I feel like I only have 2 small pieces to eat.

Either way, it keeps me going.

It’s not like you can just stop right now and say: 
“Meh, you know what? I won’t eat any of that cake today.”

Because whether you eat it and enjoy it or not, 
in the end of each day, one more bite is gone.

So I probably have only 5 more decades to live, and even though I am not worried about it, this is what keeps me going.

Even on days when everything annoys the f*ck out of me and nothing goes as planned.

It’s the whole point of having a limited life: time actually MEANS something, and we shouldn’t spend it complaining about how hard life is, procrastinating or finding any sort of excuse.

We should invest it in things that matter, have a long term impact and positively transform the World around us.

And whatever happens, we should keep going.

Because this is what Life does anyway:
whether you catch up or not, it keeps going.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West.
Thomas Despin
Thomas Despin

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