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Tackling My Biggest Life Struggle (Problem + Solution)

by Thomas Despin October 29, 2018

It took me a while to admit it, and I always gave myself a lot of excuses to deny the issue.

Sleeping early is my life’s biggest struggle.

I know it doesn’t seem like a first World’s problem, but this is a path to everything I want to improve in my life.

Solving this could lead me to:

- have significantly more energy
- make better decisions
- wake up early consistently
- work during the morning golden hours (where my creativity is at it’s peak)
- better mood

And each one of the point above itself is also leading to others improvements I want to make.

I have read great books and articles about sleep, and already have a decent understanding of how it all works.

But even if I have the knowledge about the habits that influence sleep, the importance of the sleeping environment, the circadian rhythms, etc.

I just don’t get to put the phone down and to sleep before, at least, midnight.

1 good reason and 1 bad excuse:

- I get things done and easily enter in a state of flow after 10PM, when my girlfriend is sleeping and everything is calm around me

- I feel like it’s alright to indulge myself with “just one or two” videos before sleeping, as a reward for a great day with great things done

That’s usually how I end up watching documentaries about what would happened if we covered 1% of the Sahara desert with solar panels… at 1AM.

Which brings me ideas, and more questions, and lead me to watch more stuff, because after all it’s alright, I don’t really need more than 6h of sleep anyway, right? (wrong)

2:30AM, going to bed, feeling guilty, watching a last video about why we can’t mine asteroids to bring their resources on Earth yet.

I then actually put my phone down, and promise to myself than tomorrow I’ll put it away from the bed in the first place, so I won’t be tempted.

And then do it again.

When I shared this on Facebook yesterday, 20+ people commented with their own way of dealing with this issue, and I have to admit some solutions were quite creative.

I chose to take what seemed to me to be the best out of each answer and compile it into an actionable and extremely simple plan.

Here is what I commit to for this week, and then for the whole month if I survive it:

1) Waking up between 5:30AM and 6AM in the morning no matter what, so that I’ll inevitably be tired and happy to sleep earlier at night

2) Setting up an alarm at 9:30PM to remind me to stop anything that has a screen (laptop, phone)

3) Having something to do first thing in the morning, for example working out (my friend came at 5:45AM this morning to give me a kettlebell training initiation)

I am writing this email to you at 9:15PM instead of past midnight as I used to do, and will sleep right after.

Are you also having troubles to sleep early? Have you solved this problem before? Feel free to share in the comments and let me know what you did (or what you are doing) to solve this.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Thomas Despin
Thomas Despin

Founder of doyou.co & hustlersvilla.com

You do you, we do us.