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Just tell them they're right

by Thomas Despin September 20, 2018

Just tell them they're right

I’ve spent most of my teenage years arguing with my dad.

Most of our debates were endless conversations where each one of us would try to prove the other wrong.

Guess who was right most of the time? 
None of us.

When someone is defending his point of view, even if he is proven 100% wrong, he tends to reinforce his position.

Because he defends it, 
he believes in it even more.

99% of the time, neither my dad or I would admit the other was right, even when he undoubtedly was.

Because we would spend so much energy into the fight, that we’d rather camp on our position in the end, even in bad faith.

And the 1% of the time when one would admit to be wrong, he would do it unwillingly.

There is no point proving anyone you’re right.

But what if people want to prove you wrong?

Just tell them they’re right.

Nobody can fight with someone who already openly agree with them.

Admit that you are probably somehow wrong, 
and focus on how you can solve the issue.

When we put the ego aside and skip the step of finding who is right or wrong, we instantly defuse the conflict and open the door to what matters: finding a solution, a middle ground.

So do this next time, 
and just tell them they’re right.

This will save you a lot of time & energy, and leave you in a respected place in other people’s heart.

Thomas Despin
Thomas Despin

Founder of doyou.co & hustlersvilla.com

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