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I don’t think people are really scared of death.

by Thomas Despin September 22, 2018

I don’t think people are really scared of death.

They are scared of not having lived enough when it happens.

But they don’t know what enough means for them. 
And they don’t know when they will die anyway.

So they worry.

And they live their life as real world “living deads”.

You should not worry so much about death, 
it will happen anyway.

Instead, maybe you could focus on getting the most out of each day that you have a chance to live.

Maybe we could spend more time loving, laughing, exploring, enjoying, some of the only things that really matter down here.

For many people who lived today,
there won’t be any tomorrow.

We’re just passing by.

So don’t waste your life doing nothing,
because you are afraid to lose it.

Thomas Despin
Thomas Despin

Founder of doyou.co & hustlersvilla.com

You do you, we do us.