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I Acquired My First Land, And It’s a 13,800sqm Beach On A Desert Island In Sulawesi

by Thomas Despin October 21, 2018

I Acquired My First Land, And It’s a 13,800sqm Beach On A Desert Island In Sulawesi

After a few days of total disconnection in the Togean Islands, where I learned from a resort owner how to develop an island from scratch, I’m back to Bali with some great news.

After agreeing on all the conditions and finalising the paperwork, we finally closed the deal and signed the land.

Right after signing in front of the notaris, in Ampana, Sulawesi

We will start developing the virgin island of Bukabuka by the most accessible and longest beach: 13,800m2 / 200m long, facing west.

This is also the beach in front of which dozens of dolphins come every day to eat in the end of the afternoon.

The whole trip was intense, challenging and very stimulating. Highly practical knowledge acquired, thanks to a lot of people smarter than me to learn from.

Now, this is an achievement for me since this is the first time I’ll control a land and will be responsible of it’s development.

But business wise, this is merely a first (yet mandatory) step.

And the whole trip starts right now.

This region has only been open for tourism since recently, yet the high season sees a 97% occupancy rate, even in islands that are 6h away by boat.

The one we work on is only 30min away from the airport.

Bukabuka island, shot from the sky

However, there is an exciting amount of challenges to tackle in order to bring a well-thought and sustainable development in this regency of Tojo Una-Una.

The goal is certainly not to make it become the next Bali, but to set an example of respectful and symbiotic tourism.

Showing that economic growth can rhyme with environment empowerment.

To answer the question I received the most during the past weeks, YES, this first project will be opened for a few (selected) investors.

However, the only way to get in for now is to click below and enter your email address:


More infos will follow soon.

Thomas Despin
Thomas Despin

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