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How smaller your problems are from up there

by Thomas Despin September 18, 2018

How smaller your problems are from up there

Have you ever been in a shitty situation and someone said to you: "Imagine, 10 years from now, you will still remember it... and laugh about it."

This is actually a great advice.

We are easily overwhelmed by small but annoying problems.

Until we get obsessed with it.

Something we lost, a conflict with someone, a choice we have to make..

What would the 10 years older you think is the right thing to do?

Taking some distance with the problem and putting it into perspective is a great way to detach from it, emotionally.

To stop feeling overwhelmed by it.

Once you're up there, flying above your problems, you may as well just realize how obvious the solution is.

And even if it's not, you will at least see your problem within a bigger picture.

It helps to understand it fully.
And find the most rational solution.

So don't drawn into your problems.

Close your eyes, 
fly higher,

and look at how smaller they are from up there.

Thomas Despin
Thomas Despin

Founder of doyou.co & hustlersvilla.com

You do you, we do us.