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How Much Is Enough?

by Thomas Despin October 02, 2018

Work harder, make more money, buy more stuff, get a bigger house, get a better car, get a more beautiful girlfriend, hang out with cooler friends, go to nicer places... Live a better life?

When you become an entrepreneur, you feel like you escaped the "rat race" because you make a living from your own project. Right?

But a lot of entrepreneurs actually just left one rat race to join an other.
They are still chasing something that they will never reach.


Because they don't know how much is enough.
Because they value the result more than the process.

And they want more of it.

It works with money, skills, stuff, relationships or even traveling.

You can always get more of almost anything, and there are countless things you can keep chasing to give to yourself the illusion you are doing something meaningful.

Those who are broke work harder to get food on the table and a roof above their head. 
This makes sense.

But when you already have everything you need and keep working harder, what are you actually trying to achieve? What are you trying to prove? To who? And why?

Enough, is a balance.
Not enough, and more than enough, are imbalances.

And the further you step from your balance state, the more likely you are to fall down.
Whether you have too much, or not enough.

Keep asking yourself, and find your own answer: 
How much is enough?

Thomas Despin
Thomas Despin

Founder of doyou.co & hustlersvilla.com

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