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Disconnect to Reconnect

by Thomas Despin October 12, 2018

Disconnect to Reconnect

When is the last time you spent 5 days fully disconnected?

For me, more than 10 years ago. 
The next time, is now.

While waiting for the lawyer report to purchase the land, 
I can neither go back to Bali, nor proceed to the transaction.

So, to keep learning from people who did what I want to, I will go visit the Togean Islands.

Those are further from mainland (around 6h by boat) compared to the one I want to purchase (30min only).

Meeting with the resort owners will allow me to fully acknowledge all the challenges I will have to face to develop reconnect.

My main focus will be on:
- Budget of the infrastructure and bungalows
- Water supply
- Electricity 
- Trash management
- Staff & logistic

The Togean Islands are known for their beautiful landscapes, wildlife and waters.

And also for not having any internet connection available (yet).

That’s why, for the next 5 days, this one-in-a-decade phenomenon will happen: I will be 100% disconnected.

I will try to come back with valuable lessons and interesting stories to share with you.

Thomas Despin
Thomas Despin

Founder of doyou.co & hustlersvilla.com

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