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"Are You Still Buying The Island?"

by Thomas Despin October 03, 2018

Today, a friend asked me: “Are you still going to buy the island in Sulawesi after what just happened?”

The earthquake and the tsunami in Palu killed more than 1,200 people, 
and both Palu and BukaBuka Island are in Central Sulawesi.

However, the whole area where the island is located is safe and has no history of earthquake or tsunami.

But I get it, from the other side of the planet, with a different perspective and understanding, it may seem worrying.

From Bali, we initially planned to fly to Palu for a 1 night layover before heading to Ampana, which is the closest airport from the island (30 minutes by boat only), where we will buy a first 13,800 square meter beach front land.

We had two options: postponing, or going anyway and change the itinerary.

We will go anyway.

Buying a land on an Indonesian desert island is far more complicated than what one could expect, 
but we are going there prepared, and very well connected.

Two of the best lawyers of Bali are flying there with us, as well as my business agent, who has strong relations in this area.

There, we will first proceed to a due diligence, and coordinate everyone: government, village, notary, architect, geologist and current land owner.

Because we will welcome worldwide investors to participate in the development of the project, we want to have the safest legal framework possible.

We need to get the propers agreements, the proper certificates and the right licenses to create and operate the Eco-Retreat we plan to build in the first place.

After making sure everything is good, we will proceed to the transaction.

To be honest, this is the most challenging and exciting move I have been given to do, business wise. And adding to this a 7.5-magnitude earthquake and a tsunami in a nearby area isn’t helping much.

However, unless airlines cancel the flights, 
we will go there anyway, and we will make this happen.

Meanwhile, you can already check out the completely unfinished landing page of the project: reconnect.id

Thomas Despin
Thomas Despin

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