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A small big step

by Thomas Despin September 19, 2018

A small big step

I have to admit that I pretty much underestimated the difficulty of (properly) setting up a company in Indonesia, and officially make this country my home.

Laws and regulations as we know them in the West are totally different, and the entire system follows a different logic that what I was used to.

The time and price it costs,
The ridiculous number of licenses needed,
The high amount of ways to get scammed,

And the fact that the regulation changes literally every single month..

All of the above constitutes a strong and high barrier at the entry of the country, for whoever tried to *LEGALLY* live and do business in Indonesia.

I can't judge the way the country's business regulation works, because my opinion doesn't matter here.

What does matter is to accept you don't know anything, and to learn everything from scratch..

..while sourcing informations from the right place, to avoid being misled by greedy & immoral dudes, who would do/say anything to get your money.

Yes, I underestimated what it would take to do it.

But I also underestimated the competence and the determination of the people I am currently surrounded by in Bali.

Working with them made all the difference.

After more than two years living in Bali, I found people who are into the business of "doing the right thing".

People who know that the long term game, is the only way to real success.

And after months of headaches, we just reached a new milestone.

We received the permanent license of the Real Estate foreign investment company that will operate the Eco Retreat project on BukaBuka Island, in Sulawesi.

This structure is what will allow us to:
- Buy the first 1,5ha of land 
- Legally secure the deal with the investors
- Build & Operate the whole project

This being said, I know this is not an achievement per se.

Just a small big step, leading to the beginning of the next one.

Love how all of this is challenging me beyond anything I lived before.

Growth is the only way.

Thomas Despin
Thomas Despin

Founder of doyou.co & hustlersvilla.com

You do you, we do us.