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3 Reasons Why I Blocked 25,9% of My Followers on Instagram — And Why You Should Probably do The Same

by Thomas Despin September 27, 2018

3 Reasons Why I Blocked 25,9% of My Followers on Instagram — And Why You Should Probably do The Same

I have never been obsessed with gaining as many followers as possible. But I have always been interested in the Social Media game, and especially in how to gain influence, and therefore grow my following.

I am mostly active on Facebook, Instagram and Medium. However, I considered quitting Instagram more than once.

I found it shallow, and even if I had more followers than everywhere else (26,000), I found it way harder to engage with those people.

I thought Instagram was broken,
but now I know it was my way of using that was broken.

Recently, I rethought entirely my Instagram game, and one of my main decision was to get rid of 7,000 of my followers using an app to clean my account.

Below are 3 reasons why I did that and why I think you should probably do the same:

1) Followers mean nothing if they are not real people who are interested in what you do

People are obsessed with growing a huge following without even thinking what is the whole point of it.

Growing over 100k followers won’t bring anything positive to any personal brand or business if those 100k followers don’t actually really care about what you do, what you have to say and what you share.

I used the app Cleaner to block/unblock more than 7,000 follower.

Blocking and unblocking is the only way I know to remove followers so far.

It’s way better to have 1,000 people who are dying to discover our content every day than 50,000 who don’t give a shit and are just in the follow/unfollow game.

2) Ghost followers, inactive and fake accounts trigger the Instagram’s algorithm against you

You probably know that Instagram shows your content to a fraction of your following. If you didn’t know, then hello, life is unfair, deal with it ❤

What happens when the fraction of the audience you reach is filled with ghost followers, inactive and fake accounts?

They don’t engage.

And then Instagram thinks that your content sucks, even if it’s great, because no one actually engaged with it.

Instagram doesn’t want you to publish non-engaging content, because it makes people move away from the platform, so they punish you.

And the way Instagram punishes you is by showing your content to an even smaller fraction of your audience.

Told you, life is unfair, deal with it.

But you can still do something, and remove those useless followers that are either ghost, fake or inactive (or all at the same time).

You can remove them from your followers so that the next time you post something and Instagram pick a fraction of your audience to show your content to, it’s more likely that you will get a higher engagement.

Because the people you will then reach are (more likely to be) real human beings who may acknowledge how great your content is.

Or not, if your content actually sucks, which leads us to the 3rd point:

3) Focusing on quality and actionnable content is what matters

This is more about the mindset behind the way you handle your content creation. But it’s related to the action of deleting useless followers.

Let’s be honest: having more followers even when you know they aren’t real people who actually care about what you post is just about ego. The number of followers is just a vanity metric anyway.

When you switch to this “quality over quantity” mindset, you can apply it to both your content and your followers.

The game is not about having more followers and posting more shit.

The game is about finding the right followers and giving them the right kind of content so they will engage with it, share it, and keep giving you attention and time.

A few weeks ago, I went from 26,000 followers to 19,000 in a matter of days using the app Cleaner for IG, and now I focus on the type of content I love the most, growing an audience that actually want to see this kind of content.

It will probably take more time than using tricks to grow faster.

But then my audience will become a real, valuable asset, instead of being a peak of dopamine to feed my ego.

Thomas Despin
Thomas Despin

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